Monthly Archives: October 2012

Rockville Musical Theatre is set to shake with ALL SHOOK UP!

Rockville Musical Theatre, at the Town Square in Rockville, Maryland, is a nearly 40 year-old organization that has become a beloved fixture on the local arts scene. Their Mission Statement, as a Not-for-Profit, is like many community theatre’s statements across the nation and the world: Rockville Musical Theatre, a volunteer organization, is dedicated to the… Read more »

The Birmingham News on Red Mountain Theatre Company’s COLOR PURPLE: ‘First Class’, ‘Spectacular’, ‘Joyous’, ‘Uplifting’

The Birmingham News at AL.COM has given the Red Mountain Theatre Company‘s THE COLOR PURPLE a truly superb review, giving the show their highest rating. AL.COM’s Alec Harvey was effusive in his praise of the highly-regarded Red Mountain production: “It’s a good thing that Red Mountain Theatre Company’s production of “The Color Purple” is presented… Read more »