Alison Verderber

Manager, Music & Materials

Alison joined TRW’s Music Department as an intern and then worked as a freelance copyist. Since then, she has been promoted to Manager of Music and Materials where she is responsible for the creation, editing and accuracy of all scores and scripts in TRW’s catalog.

Alison is a graduate of The Crane School of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance. She currently studies at the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at LIU, pursuing a M.L.I.S. with a concentration in Rare Books and Special Collections and certificate in Archives Management.

In addition to her work at TRW, Alison serves as the librarian for the Brooklyn-based orchestra collective, the Knights, where she oversees acquisition, preparation, and archiving of all materials used in performances. She has previously held positions as librarian with The Orchestra of Northern New York and the National Music Festival. Alison is an active performing violinist and violist. She performs for various events and recordings, and regularly plays with the National Music Festival Symphony and South Shore Symphony Orchestra.