David Abbinanti

Vice President, Music & Materials

David oversees the scores, scripts, recordings, arrangements, productions and orchestrations for a wide collection of Broadway musicals. Credits include SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER THE MUSICAL (Orchestrations, Arrangements and Additional Music & Lyrics), THE PERFECT DOG (Music and Lyrics), GHOST THE MUSICAL; Stock and Amateur Edition (Orchestrations), GHOST THE MUSICAL CHAMBER VERSION (Orchestrations and Arrangements), RING OF FIRE 5-THE MUSIC OF JOHNNY CASH; (Additional Arrangements) and Molly Shannon’s TILLY THE TRICKSTER (Orchestrations).

David is the first recipient of the Songwriters Guild of America’s National Award for Best Pop Song for “Back to Las Vegas”–part of his debut CD-Local Train to Babylon. He has worked as a music engraver and editor for many of the major publishers in New York City including G. Schirmer, Peer Music and Boosey & Hawkes. David is also a member of the adjunct faculty at Nassau Community College, where he teaches music theory, piano and the history of rock and roll.