Sleepy Hollow a musical tale

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This new musical version of the classic Washington Irving story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - is a modern-day spin on a classic tale.

The show begins in the present day on Halloween night and is transformed into Sleepy Hollow (18th century New Amsterdam, New York) for the bulk of the show, and then returns to the present day.

Three modern-day children find themselves right in the middle of all the odd characters, traditions, ghosts and goblins of Sleepy Hollow, and even confront the infamous Headless Horseman himself in an attempt to return home.

The show runs as a one-act, but can be divided into two parts, depending upon your theatre’s needs.

Running time: 70 minutes


On Halloween night,  when three modern-day kids decide to trIck or treat at the old "Crane House," they are magically transported right into the middle of the classic tale of Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katie Van Tassel, and - of course - the Headless Horseman! Lots of spooky and hilarious moments in this far-out time travel tale, as the three kids cope with life in 1790,  goblins, and how to find their way back home.

Author Info

Janet Yates Vogt(Books, Music & Lyrics by)

Janet Yates Vogt has been a writer, composer and lyricist all of her life.  She credits her career today to her family’s support, the guidance of many wonderful directors and producers, and to her many outstanding teachers – from her first grade teacher who notated Janet's first songs and taught them to the class to sing – to her inspiring piano teachers to her professors at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), where her studies were centered upon piano performance and music theory. A pivotal moment happened when her writing partner, Mark Friedman, called the CCM placement service looking for a keyboard player for his band -- Janet auditioned, was hired by Mark, and a fruitful partnership began. Both inspired each other to compose, and together they are known nationally and internationally not only for their musical theatre works, but also for their numerous publications in many different musical genres, including vocal music for children and choral works for adults.  Janet's educational keyboard books and methods have been translated into French, Japanese and German. A teacher at heart, Janet still coaches piano and voice students, and is a featured speaker and presenter at many national music conventions and events. In 2005, both she and her partner, Mark, were named National Music Educators of the Year. Janet and Mark's collaboration took a career-changing turn one night after they had just completed a large recording project for one of their publishers when Mark turned to Janet and said "I think we should write that musical now."  The time was right to finally compose a work in their favorite genre – since between them they had directed, produced, music-directed, acted and played in the pits of numerous shows. A few days later they settled upon ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and they began what continues to be a very fulfilling creative journey.  "Anne" has played at many theatres across the country -- most notably as the 2010-2011 holiday show at the Village Theatre in Issaquah, Washington (Robb Hunt, producer), The Barter Theatre in Abingdon VA (Richard Rose, director) and the Victoria Theatre in Dayton, Ohio (Kevin Moore, director).  Their Junior Version has entertained audiences at notable children's theatres as well. Janet and Mark’s extremely popular musical adaptation of Melinda Long's best-selling children's book HOW I BECAME A PIRATE, was commissioned by First Stage Theatre (Milwaukee) in 2008 and has been rollicking its way across many stages, including Cape Rep, the Des Moines Playhouse, Riverside Theatre, Children's Theatre of Cincinnati, and many more. Their powerful and moving musical, HARRIET AND SAM, captures the times and events of pre and post Civil War America as seen through the eyes of Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain, and has met with critical acclaim for its timely themes of freedom and human rights. A new work in development, TENDERLY, is based upon the life and career of Rosemary Clooney featuring a two-person cast and was recently work-shopped at the Human Race Theatre (Equity) in Dayton, Ohio as part of the Race’s three-show summer musical theatre festival which also featured a new work by prize-winning playwright Brian Yorkey. The debut of TENDERLY was met with critical acclaim and great enthusiasm with audience members moved by Clooney’s inner strength and her triumph over the many challenges she faced during her life. Janet and Mark have also penned a humorous, irreverent and satirical look at married relationships with their musical cabaret, WAR GAMES: MARRIAGE ON THE FRONT LINES - lovingly dubbed by critics as the "musical in need of an intervention!" Their holiday show EBENEZER (a musical version of A Christmas Carol) has been delighting audiences for the past five years. SLEEPY HOLLOW: A MUSICAL TALE, commissioned by Kalamazoo Civic Theatre, premiered on Halloween 2010 and has just been added to Columbus Children’s Theatre upcoming season. Janet and Mark are represented by Bill Craver, Paradigm Agency, New York and are proud to be part of the TRW family.  For more information, log onto

Mark Friedman(Books, Music & Lyrics by)

Composer, lyricist, and playwright, Mark Friedman, fell in love with musicals at an early age when he and his brothers built their own theatre in the basement of their home, complete with lighting grid and sound system, performing for family and friends. A composer and studio producer, distinguished in 2005 as National Music Educator of the Year, Mark has songs and recordings published worldwide in books, folios, and industry catalogs. He has scripted, written music, and hosted events for national conventions, and is a sought after speaker at music and education seminars around the country. He co-founded, produced, and performed with Cincinnati’s first free outdoor Shakespeare Festival, the Peanut Butter Theatre for Children, the Artreach Touring Theatre, and The Good News Company - an inner-city experimental theatre group. For many years, Mark has been successfully writing and composing book, music and lyrics with collaborator Janet Yates Vogt. Their musicals are playing across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Their works include Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical, How I Became a Pirate, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Crown Jewel, Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale, The Magical Adventures of Merlin, Sleepy Hollow: A Musical Tale, Anne of Green Gables, Mister Scrooge, Jingle ARRGH the Way: A How I Became a Pirate Christmas Adventure, Snow White and the Prince, Cinderella: the Tale of the Glass Slipper, River of Freedom, and War Games: Marriage on the Front Lines, and, in-development, a new TYA piece, Alice in Wonderland. Mark and Janet are also working in collaboration with playwright Joseph McDonough on a musical look at the famous prohibition bootlegger George Remus. A proud member of the Dramatist Guild, he is represented by the Paradigm Talent Agency in New York City. Grateful for his theatre successes, Mark considers his best creations to be his children: Emily, a film and television major at New York University, and Chris, future golf pro and jazz musician. Connect with him on Facebook at Mark Friedman, and on Twitter @markfcomposer.

Billing Credits

A Musical Tale
Book, Music & Lyrics by
Janet Yates Vogt & Mark Friedman

 A new telling of the Washington Irving classic

Casting Information



AMY - Older – 12 or 13ish – nice and super-smart

CHARLIE - Older – 14 or 15ish – bossy, a know-it-all and pushes around the other two kids

IRVING - Younger – 8 or 9ish – cute kid


TRUDY - Woman of the town – mother of ABBEY, BEN, WASHINGTON

ICHABOD CRANE/OLD ICHABOD - Schoolmaster – tall, awkward, in love with KATIE – frightened of his own shadow

KATIE (KATRINA VAN TASSEL) - Pretty, enamored with ICHABOD, intrigued with BROM BONES - but skeptical that either one is really right for her
(KATIE Can also double as DUTCH WIFE 2)

BROM BONES - 18th Century Hunk, self-indulgent, in love with KATIE and himself

DUTCH WIFE 1 - Sort of a “do-wopp” backup chorus of women caricatures of the Dutch Wives - funny     
DUTCH WIFE 2 - Sort of a “do-wopp” backup chorus of women caricatures of the Dutch Wives - funny
DUTCH WIFE 3 - Sort of a “do-wopp” backup chorus of women caricatures of the Dutch Wives - funny           

RUSTIC LAD 1/MODERN COP - BROM BONES loyal followers who worship him
RUSTIC LAD 2 - BROM BONES loyal followers who worship him
RUSTIC LAD 3 - BROM BONES loyal followers who worship him


ABBEY - 18th Century child
BEN - 18th Century child   
WASHINGTON - 18th Century child
SOFIE/EMILY - 18th Century child

ASSORTED TOWNSPEOPLE OR CHILDREN - Can be added or not at the discretion of the Director


Orchestral Info

Accompaniment CD

Piano-Vocal Score


One (or two if desired)

Running time: 70 minutes


Upcoming Shows

October 23 - November 1, 2015
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

October 24 - November 1, 2015
Go-Fame Youth Theatre Company
Long Beach, CA 90815 

November 13 - 14, 2015
First Presbyterian Church
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 

October 20 - November 6, 2016
Columbus Children's Theatre
Columbus, OH 43215