Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Crown Jewel

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Crown Jewel

The game’s afoot as the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson are given a case by Queen Victoria herself to solve a mystery that could affect the very future of the British Empire! Holmes recruits a group of London street urchins he calls the “Baker Street Irregulars” and their clever leader Wiggins to help him crack the case. Dodging danger, the cunning Professor Moriarty and his henchwoman Tilly, and trying to keep the bumbling Inspector Lestrade from getting in the way, this original musical takes on the popular stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle leads you on a merry goose chase from 221B Baker Street all the way to the Tower of London! You’ll be as baffled as Holmes’ poor housekeeper Mrs. Hudson trying to make sense of all the twists and turns! Fun for the whole family and a case that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats!

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Book, Music & Lyrics by JANET YATES VOGT and MARK FRIEDMAN

Based on the books by SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE

SHERLOCK HOLMES – The world famous consulting detective

DOCTOR WATSON – Holmes’ faithful companion and biographer – optional double as MALE TOWNSPERSON

PROFESSOR MORIARTY – The Napoleon of Crime – optional double as MALE TOWNSPERSON

TILLY – Shady character in the employ of Professor Moriarty – optional double as FEMALE TOWNSPERSON

MRS. HUDSON – Holmes’ and Watson’s loyal housekeeper – optional double as FEMALE TOWNSPERSON

INSPECTOR LESTRADE – The clueless Scotland Yard police officer – optional double as MALE TOWNSPERSON

GEORGIE (Georgiana Andrea Elizabeth Catherine, Third Duchess of York) – Girl of 12ish – disguised as a boy – long hair tucked up under a cap – doesn’t know she’s a Royal

WIGGINS – Boy of 15ish – leader of the “Baker Street Irregulars” – Holmes “eyes and ears” about the City of London

PIP – Baker Street Irregular

ALFIE (OPTIONAL)* – Baker Street Irregular

JACK (OPTIONAL)* – Baker Street Irregular

QUEEN VICTORIA – The Queen of England and Empress of India – optional double as FEMALE TOWNSPERSON

THE QUEEN’S BODYGUARD (aka Josiah Smith) – Tall, regal, imposing – optional double as MALE TOWNSPERSON


Extra Townspeople, Chorus can be added to the expand the cast. If more IRREGULARS are added, they should be boys, or girls dressed as boys. This is crucial to the logic of the script.

*NOTE: The cast below is listed at 14 – but note the options in the cast list to either decrease the size to 11, or to expand it to accommodate a large ENSEMBLE

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