10 Things Drama Teachers Do During the Holiday Break

It’s that time of year when teachers finally get a much needed break. Time to catch up on all the books you haven’t read and all the professional development you have been dreaming of! Who are we kidding, winter break is for SLEEP! If you do feel like reading, check out our TRW digital PersualsNow and get 50% off through December 31, 2016 with the code GIMMEABREAK at checkout.

1. Sleep, sleep, and then sleep some more.


2. Have a glass of wine, or 3.

3. Correct everyone’s grammar on Facebook.

4. Binge watch Real Housewives or First Dates.

5. Avoid seeing your students and/or their parents.


6. Enjoy a lunch that doesn’t have to be eaten in 10 minutes.

7. Catching up with all your friends you haven’t seen since the summer.


8. Avoiding structure at all costs.


9. Did we mention sleep?

10. Reading TRW script perusals and planning for the next big musical.