Monthly Archives: November 2011 Takes a Look at CHANGING MINDS, the NEW High School Musical! has posted a great feature on the release of TRW’s brand new musical, CHANGING MINDS! Click HERE to read the article at CHANGING MINDS is set at Playa Sola High School, where it’s business as usual – the jocks, geeks, popular kids, etc., all try to navigate a world of insecurities, grades, fashions… Read more »

A Message from TRW President & CEO Steve Spiegel about CHANGING MINDS

Okay, I’ve been doing this licensing thing a very long time and have represented hundreds of great musicals. I’ve created youth, school and junior editions and personally seen their importance in many of your theatres. And now, combining the talent of two amazing authors with that of my creative team at TRW, we have developed… Read more »

CHANGING MINDS Features a Supersonic Pop Rock Score and an Irresistible Story: This is the New High School Musical!

CHANGING MINDS‘ soaring pop-rock score is tailor-made for the high school singer’s voice and their ears! From super-charged dance anthems to heart-wrenching power ballads, CHANGING MINDS score mixes a contemporary pop-rock sound with a musical theatre sensibility that creates a hot new style for the stage. Together with an irresistible story, the music of today… Read more »

Memphis Commercial Appeal Features Close-Up Article on CHANGING MINDS in Tennessee! Big-time break: Germantown High School stages play’s world debut!

The following article, by Lela Garlington, appears in the Memphis Commercial Appeal and was published on November 9th, 2011. Click HERE to read the article at Students will be dealing with the same opening-night jitters that real actors face when they perform at the world premiere of “Changing Minds” at Germantown High this week…. Read more »

The Page to Stage Process: CHANGING MINDS in Development

The process of giving birth to a new musical is a lesson in collaboration, caring and crazy amounts of hard work! But, when a first staged production of your baby gets notices like this… “CHANGING MINDS (is) a rock musical that addresses high school politics, human connections and gender roles, all while maintaining the family… Read more »

‘Illyria’ turns Bard’s ‘Twelfth Night’ into a Pleasant Musical: Pittburgh Playhouse Earns Kudos from the Post-Gazette

“What should I do in Illyria?” asks the plucky Viola of the kindly Captain, in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette theatre critic Christopher Rawson might have a few ideas for our young heroine in his review of  Pittsburgh Playhouse’s current production of ILLYRIA. Rawson wrote,  “Illyria” is now having its local premiere at the… Read more »

LAWNCHAIR MAN takes flight at MHS!

Clackamas Review in Clackamas, Oregon, has written a great feature article on the Nov. 17, 18 and 19 performances of Milwaukie High School’s production of FLIGHT OF THE LAWNCHAIR MAN. Click HERE to read the article! FLIGHT OF THE LAWNCHAIR MAN centers around Jerry Gorman. He’s a thirty-four-year-old guy from Passaic, New Jersey, who just… Read more »

NORA’S ARK Sets Sail from TRW!

NORA’S ARK, THE JAZZ MUSICAL is a modern retelling of the biblical tale. The show helps children reflect on the difficulty and necessity for breaking old habits, attaining new perspectives, and learning from mistakes by working together to succeed. The music is blues, bebop, and swing. Children discover a love of jazz music through the context… Read more »

The Jazz Drama Program Uses the Timeless Language of Jazz to Tell Stories Relevant to Children’s Lives

The Jazz Drama Program (JDP) is a cross-curricular arts program designed to improve the knowledge and appreciation of jazz music. Jazz is our heritage, and it is the foundation for other music genres, including popular music today. The Jazz Drama Program uses the timeless language of jazz to tell stories relevant to children’s lives. “We… Read more »

Yamin Leads Jazz Drama Program

Eli Yamin is Artistic Director of The Jazz Drama Program and head of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Middle School Jazz Academy. He is a jazz and blues pianist, composer, singer, educator, broadcaster, and Steinway artist. After participating last spring in the first White House Jazz Studio hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama, Eli was invited… Read more »