4 TV Shows Every Theatre Fan Must See

by Glenn Halcomb



If you are a fan of theatre, we strongly recommend these 4 TV shows every theatre fan must see.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you love theatre, then you will love this musical comedy sitcom on the CW. The cast includes theatre veterans Santino Fontana, Vincent Rodriguez III, and Donna Lynn Champlin. Successful and driven, Rebecca Bunch seemingly has it all — an upscale apartment in Manhattan and a partnership at a prestigious law firm — but she feels like something is missing. After a chance meeting with a former romantic interest, Rebecca impulsively decides to give up her life in New York and relocate to West Covina, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb she hopes will be the perfect home base as she embarks on a quest for love, adventure and true happiness. Star Rachel Bloom also serves as an executive producer. (Wikipedia) Now available for streaming on NETFLIX.



Summer Heights High

Any theatre fan will appreciate the improv skills in this show as one actor, Chris Lilley, plays 3 different characters: high-strung drama teacher Mr. G., exchange student Ja’mie and break-dancing delinquent Jonah. This comic send-up of a high school documentary series is filmed at a real high school and populated by a combination of actors as well as real students and faculty members. Available for streaming on HBO and iTunes.



Pushing Daisies

Kirsten Chenoweth is in this, need we say more. This charming, yet short lived tv show is worth a binge watch for any theatre fan. Ned possesses a rare gift — the ability to restore life to the dead — with a touch. He puts his power to good use, helping an investigator solve murders by reviving the victim and asking the deceased to name the killer. Complications arise when Ned brings his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, back from the dead with the intention of keeping her alive. There’s just one snag: If Ned ever touches Chuck again, she goes back to being dead, for keeps. Available on iTunes.



Slings & Arrows

If Rachel McAdams is your spirit animal, then you are sure to love this Canadian TV series, featuring the starlet just before her rise to fame in The Notebook.The actors and the crew of the New Burbage Festival are trying hard to keep their heads above water. The troubled Shakespearean festival had been slowly commercializing its performances, but the sudden death of the artistic director (he’s run over by a ham truck as he lays drunk in the street, but never fear — his character stays around in ghost form, haunting his successor and the festival) requires some changes. The new man on the job clashes with old rivals, is forced to take the crew in hand, and fends off the festival manager, who wants to make the festival over into Shakespeareville, all while trying to pull together the festival’s latest production of “Hamlet.” Available on iTunes.