A Message to Our Customers from TRW President Steve Spiegel

Dear TRW Customers,
Along with my staff and all of you from around the country, my thoughts and prayers are with friends, family and loved ones who have been affected by hurricane Sandy. And I thank all of you who are reaching out to us during this difficult time. The New York City-based TRW staff and our families are safe. I met with our team via email and we are operating TRW in accordance with our policy to serve our customers during times when business systems are interrupted.
Our Customer Service Team is back in the Times Square office to provide communication with you and can service most requests via email. As we carefully monitor all information about transportation out of the NYC area, we will provide constantly updated information about any orders that have imminent shipping dates. Our Team is standing-by via email and phone and our website remains fully-functional.
Our business is important to us, but our primary concern at this challenging time is to offer our heartfelt support to our customers and their families.
Steve Spiegel
President & CEO,

Theatrical Rights Worldwide