A New Kind of Theatre Game…GAME SHOW!

Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) is home to a GAME SHOW! That’s right. Now you can resolve your love of Jeopardy and the fact that you are always at rehearsal when it’s on. Based on an idea by producer Jeffrey Finn (AMERICAN IDIOT, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE) and written by Jeffrey Finn and Bob Walton (MIDLIFE: THE CRISIS MUSICAL), GAME SHOW is a one-of-a-kind theatre experience that had a hugely successful run in New York, earning rave reviews, including this from the New York Times: “Game Show is a funny new comedy and lots of fun! It’s a cross between a quiz program and “Survivor” with more plot twists than you’ll see in a year of soaps! The surprise of the new season!” And The New York Daily News gushed, “Funny, Clever, and Totally Enjoyable! GAME SHOW works on two levels: As a scripted comedy and as an actual trivia contest that uses audience members as contestants. It will surprise and delight!”

This play-within-a-tv-show title is takes on the game show phenomenon, inviting your audience into a refreshingly fun new theatre experience. Set during a “live broadcast” of a fictional, long-running TV game show, GAME SHOW places the theater audience in the role of the TV studio audience, in which members are picked as the contestants to play the trivia-based game and win actual prizes! In addition to watching and playing during the “broadcast” – where anything can and does happen – the audience also witnesses all the backstage, back-stabbing antics “behind the scenes” that go on during the “commercial breaks” of the show.

GAME SHOW is a natural title for community and professional theatre seasons. It offers your patrons a chance to join in the fun and presents a host of not-so-subtle opportunities for sponsorships that can feature your local business partners. And your actors will find sheer delight in sinking their teeth into these delicious roles!

GAME SHOW hasn’t just charmed the notoriously hard to please NYC critics. Entertainment Weekly raved, “Winning! Limitless laughs!” And, Robert Trussell’s Kansas City Star review of The New Theatre’s November, 2011 production is typical of the kind of accolades this sassy new show garners: “…a show full of hidden jokes and multiple surprises, some of which are so effective that I dare not give them away. Suffice to say the show delights in teasing the audience and toying with the boundary between illusion and reality.”

GAME SHOW from the Off Broadway Production at The 45 Bleecker

TRW’s GAME SHOW license comes complete with a CD containing the GAME SHOW Theme Song and all SFX.

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