A Year End Letter from Owner, President & CEO Steve Spiegel

December 15, 2020

As we reach the end of this most challenging of years, I wanted to communicate personally with you; to share how TRW has addressed and dealt with the issues that have arisen over the past 10 months. With regulations and, more tragically, the loss of friends and family members, COVID has dramatically impacted the artistic and economic viability of our industry. Whether a school, amateur or professional theatre company, the sustainability of your mission has been tested like never before.  

TRW views every organization we work with as partners in advocating and enabling the performance of theatre. We listen and learn from you and then respond in ways that can benefit your production plans. Throughout 2020, we acted to offer multiple methods for producing our shows with the main emphasis on keeping actors, musicians, staff and audience members safe and healthy. These methods included:

  • Content: We created Socially Distanced Dramatic Concert-Styled versions, which running 90 minutes, remove the intermission and reduce many attributes including cast size, musicians and choreography. 
  • Streaming: We entered an exclusive relationship with BookTix Live, a ticketing and streaming provider, to make available streaming rights to all our groups throughout the world.
  • Perusal Library: We revamped our perusal library to an all-digital delivery system. 
  • Webinars: The TRW staff of recognized specialists in marketing, school, amateur and professional licensing, participated in or lead industry webinars every week. 
  • Outreach: Through Zoom sessions, phone calls and live chat, we remained in constant communication with our school, amateur and professional theatre groups to discuss specific needs and guidelines for a safe return to presenting shows in their situation. 
  • Equity and Inclusivity: In embracing our responsibility as catalysts for a diversified landscape, we added this instruction to all of our agreements: “The TRW Production Contract requires that the cast members in the show accurately reflect the characters as written. Where race and ethnicity are indicated, they should be honored. Where race or ethnicity are not indicated, that does not by default indicate whiteness, but rather that a character can be of any race or ethnicity.” 
  • Looking forward to 2021, TRW is dedicated to the rebuilding of all theatre environments; proactively, economically, and creatively. To achieve this, licensing pricing programs will be introduced and customized to your specific situation. Additionally, we are looking at ways TRW can play a pivotal role in the distribution of theatrical content across all sectors of our marketplace. We have embarked upon two new divisions of the company that will round out the TRW licensing experience.   
    1. TRW Plays: Launch date February 2021

    TRW Plays will represent plays featuring riveting, timely and important subjects originating from well-known and newly discovered culturally diverse writers. I have appointed current staff member Lysna Marzani to the role of Executive Director of TRW Plays. 

    Lysna has lived the world of theatre throughout her career and is a specialist in all aspects of play licensing. She is highly respected and possesses an incredible reservoir of relationships, knowledge, and experience. 
    1. TRW Production

    TRW Production strategically identifies intellectual property and works with underlying rights’ owners to collaboratively develop new content for distribution through TRW’s licensing programs. I have appointed current staff member Michael McFadden to the role of Vice President of TRW Production.

    pastedGraphic.png Michael has over three decades of experience producing and supervising every aspect of the touring entertainment industry. His talent and know-how rounds out our industry-leading creative team to address development needs for every type of producing group in our marketplace. 

    In closing, TRW continues to place the highest value on customer service and the quality and ease you find in working with us. We will focus our energy on your individual needs as we move forward together to rebuild the successful performance of theatre. 

    The show will go on. TRW will join you each step of the way.

    Stay safe and well.

    Happy Holidays and New Year. 

    All best wishes,