Best Apps For The Theatre Fan

by Ryan Goodale

We imagine it’s pretty likely that you’re reading this on your mobile device. We’re in a time where it seems harder and harder to pull ourselves away from our devices. Of course, this isn’t an issue when in the theater, since you know I’m the first to silence, airplane mode, turn off and then bury my cell phone in the depths of my bag. Outside of that sacred space, I’m just as attached to my phone as the next person; playing an aggressive game of Candy Crush while dodging the masses en route to the subway. Theatre has always evolved with technology and it has now even made it’s way to our smart phones. Here is a little glimpse into some of our favorite iOS apps that keep our theatre love alive after the curtain has come down.

1. Peter Panic



Peter Panic is the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things; Broadway and video games. Reminiscent of the Wario Ware games of the Game Boy days (for those of us old enough to remember those). Peter Panic is the jubilant and mini-game filled adventure of an aspiring Director who must revive the dilapidated theatre scene of a small town, and sing about it along the way. You can download and play the game for free, but it requires a $2.99 in-app purchase to save your progress, which is totally worth it and feasible if you sub your usual iced venti soy non-fat extra shot mocha-choco latte for a normal iced coffee just one time!  The game features some real Broadway singers, not to mention the levels look like Playbills, so we are sold.

2. Broadway World



Broadway World is my go-to for my theatre news. I prefer the layout of their website, but when I’m on the go and I need my fix, whether it be news, photos or videos, Broadway World has me covered with a user-friendly free app. I can imagine you’re thinking: “Can’t you just go to their mobile site on your browser that’s on your phone?”. No. I can’t. I’m a millennial and apps are cuter.

3. tkts



If you’ve never seen the unbelievable line in Times Square of people trying to grab last minute theatre tickets, it is a sight to behold. Theatre Development Fund is a wonderful organization making theatre more accessible to people and getting more folks into those seats, and we love that. Their app for the tkts booths gives you a heads up for what shows are available at the various tkts booths. My insider tip, should you plan to get tickets to a show this way: Use the location by the South Street Seaport if they have your show available. The crowd is always significantly smaller, if there is one at all. You also get to check out a different part of the city. The ultimate bonus is they sell matinee tickets the day before, which means you can brunch that much longer before your theatre date.

4. Sing! Karaoke by Smule



If you think that I have this app on my iPad…you’re absolutely right. Smule has rolled out some really cool apps over the years. I remember having a big Magic Piano moment circa 2012 and being INTO it. Sing! Karaoke is pretty awesome, despite requiring some purchasing of songs if you want to keep recording your favorite jams. Below I’ve included a video right from the app brought to you by Zandi De Jesus, a friend I toured with years ago, because we all love prime vocals and Adele. Check it out! I love it, Zandi loves it and my neighbors most definitely love it.


5. Today Tix



This is the app that I’m going to recommend you download right this instant. Today Tix is a game changer when it comes to buying theater tickets. The app has grown and you may now use it to buy tickets in NYC, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Connecticut. They handle the digital lotteries for a number of shows as well for those of you willing to try your luck. The only drawback is not knowing exactly where your seats are located, but in my experience I have wound up with wonderful seats and often better ones than anticipated. The convenience can not be topped if you’re looking for a bargain, as all you have to do is grab your tickets from the representative in the bright red shirt outside your theater. I will no longer wear red near a theater however, seeing as two weeks ago I was approached by a lovely couple who was ready for their Waitress tickets. That said, Today Tix is awesome!


Do you have any favorite apps that fall into the theatre world that we missed? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!