Bringing Light From The Shadows: The Job Of A Lighting Designer

by Caitlin Du Bois

I ran across a job description for a lighting designer in a Vaudeville Production Guide once during my research for a production of Chicago and immediately posted it on every inch of my social media. It read: 


For the theater community, there are a million “I can’t I have rehearsal” tee shirts, stage manager jokes, standing ovations, and so on and so on, but the lighting designer doesn’t often make it into the limelight themselves. Hence why I thrust this ethereal and omniscient description of the LD down the throats of my friends to pat myself on the back. 

However, after the swelling of my ego started to calm, I thought more about the theory of lighting design because of that beautiful job description. Good lighting design is another tool of immersion, helping the audience to lose their footing in reality and escape into the world created behind the proscenium arch…

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