Camden County H.S.: Love Letters to LITTLE WOMEN

Little Women Logo CAT

Camden County High School in Kingsland, GA, produced LITTLE WOMEN in 2008 and took it to their state thespian festival finals. After the production, the cast took some time to write letters expressing their love for the show to the authors.  Composer Kim Oler was kind enough to share those letters with us:

“When I first learned that our class was performing LITTLE WOMEN, I thought, “Seriously, LITTLE WOMEN? Please!” But once we got the script, I read it and went over the music and I fell in love with the play. The music was amazing and the play made me cry.”   Aaron Silva, Mr. Laurence

“The audience members…would come out of the house crying and reaching out for something a simple as a hug. They cried tears of joy…This is an experience that has taught us how to grow as actors and as individuals.”   Ashley Conway,  Marmee

“The pleasure of performing this version of LITTLE WOMEN is indescribable. The dialogue is witty…touching songs…the foundation that has been set is immovable. With all the amazing material you have given us it is hard to go wrong.”  Nathaniel Bostic, John Brooke

“Songs like “Hold On To Me” and “Fly at Me’ brought tears and laughter to our audience…I was a member of the ensemble, but I still felt a connection with the entire show.”   Corey Wellgang, Ensemble

“…this experience has changed me in an indescribable way. I’m never going to forget it.”   Chyna Seymour, Jo

“I hope that high schools all over the world will enjoy this show as much as our school has.”   Kayla, Jo (second cast)

“I have fallen in love with your theatrical version of LITTLE WOMEN.”   Connor J. Cosenza, Ensemble

“…the entire cast and crew is on a natural high that probably will not stop for several weeks. My students loved working on the script and they fell in love with the music…I see this show taking off and becoming the most performed high school musical in the country.”   Mary Kraak, Director, now retired after 29 years as a teacher.

Many thanks to the cast and crew of Camden County H.S. for their comments and to the authors of LITTLE WOMEN for sharing them.

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