Captains CourageousThe spirit, strength, and theme  CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS delivers is not your usual musical theatre fare, but has the potential to make this show a classic. All of the necessary ingredients are here: a plot that will warm your heart and remind you of the goodness in life, winning characters you want to cheer for and music that fills the room with spirit and vibrant imagery. Distinguishing elements such as the at-sea setting and robust power coming from the all-male crew, CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS takes a classic coming-of-age tale to a new place. And, ultimately Rudyard Kipling’s epic story that celebrates the values and vigor that come from good, hard work, is as timely as ever.  With book and lyrics by PATRICK COOK, music by FREDERICK FREYER, the musical is based on the novel by RUDYARD KIPLING and the screenplay by JOHN LEE MAHIN, MARC CONNELLY, and DALE VAN EVERY.

This show, set in the rough and gruff world of New England sailing ships during the 1920s, tells of a young boy’s emotional and physical journey after being rescued from the water by a group of fishermen. He has to learn from square one how to be man, and until he succeeds, doesn’t understand the meaning of real self-worth. Both the emotional and physical evolutions Harvey undergoes are directly related to each other, and he finally learns how hard work leads to pride and respect, not only for himself but for his shipmates and friends.

CaptainsCAPTAINS COURAGEOUS is a simple success – the purpose of the show is laid out plainly before the audience, and all it asks of you is to follow Harvey on his journey and have faith that he will find himself and the support he has needed all his life. A story of redemption and growth never fails to please, and with its soaring score and brilliant book, this show brings a new power to Kipling’s classic tale.

The large crew can be played by both men and women – the spirit of the ship is firmly embedded in the book and score. Much of the magic does in fact reside in the music, which delivers an emotional swell or a hearty punch precisely as needed.

This lovingly crafted adventure brings an emotional story and lively spirit in equal doses. CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS will surely leave your audience with a full, happy heart.

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