Columbus Children’s Theatre & NO DOGS ALLOWED: A Great Match!

November brought colder weather and a sparkling new production of TRW’s NO DOGS ALLOWED from the Columbus Children’s Theatre, in Columbus, OH. Their production earned a rave review from the Columbus Dispatch for their Nov 1-11, 2012 run of the beautifully crafted musical that unites audiences in their love for kids and dogs and family outings!

Iris (Sarah Arocha) and her beloved pet (Griffin Giannone) in No Dogs Allowed! (Photo William Goldsmith)

The Columbus Children’s Theatre’s Mission is to inspire and enrich the lives of children and their families through live theatre and theatre education. According to their website, “[at] Columbus Children’s Theatre we educate and involve young people of all backgrounds in the theatre arts. Through our programs we foster self-esteem and self-discovery by emphasizing discipline, integrity, team-building, and communication skills in a positive and creative environment. We promote access to theatre arts for families who do not have regular opportunities to appreciate theatre in their lives because of either economic, cultural, or other barriers.” NO DOGS ALLOWED fit perfectly with CCT’s outreach and you may find that it will in your theatre as well.

NO DOGS ALLOWED! is the story of Iris, a bright 8-year-old, who lives “in a place called the Bronx, in the Kingdom of 3rd Avenue… in the Land of New York City,” with her family and her dog El Exigente. One bright day, the family decides to take a trip to the Enchanted State Park and Iris is determined to bring her beloved El Exigente, even though at the park there are ‘no dogs allowed’. With a cast of unique, charming and wonderfully funny characters, this is a is a brilliant new musical adapted from Sonia Manzano’s best-selling Children’s book of the same name.

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