LDposterKansas City’s Coterie Theatre is a nationwide force in the ever growing arena of Children’s Theatre. This month they unleash the creative energy of Bill Russell, Henry Krieger and Jeffrey Hatcher’s LUCKY DUCK. This irresistible musical will get a first class production at the Coterie.

A modern twist on the Ugly Duckling, the story centers on songbird Serena who is viewed as an odd duck by her family. She runs away from the barnyard mockery to seek her special destiny—success as a supermodel swan—and tries to see what beauty truly is. Audiences will enjoy Serena’s journey from barnyard to New Duck City to the Quackerdome with star turn numbers including “Average, Simple Mega Superstar” and “Wipe the Egg Off Your Face” by the award-winning composer Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls; SideShow) with lyrics by Bill Russell (Sideshow; Pageant). Book is by Bill Russell and Jeffrey Hatcher (Tuesdays with Morrie; Ella) and directed by Jeff Church, Coterie producing artistic director. The creators of Lucky Duck will be in residence this summer at the Coterie during the rehearsal process.

“We aim to attract talent of the highest caliber to actively write for our audience,” Church said. “With Lucky Duck, this is an important opportunity for us to again work with Broadway talent. In this case, we’re thrilled to be working with Henry Krieger, Bill Russell and Jeffrey Hatcher. “We’ve also assembled some of the most talented actors and designers in the city. Audiences will see respected musical theatre professionals at their best,” he said. “Lucky Duck is really something that anyone who likes musical theatre will enjoy and appreciate – not just the kids.”