How do I apply for performance rights and what information do you need?

Once you’ve decided on the show(s) you’d like to present, complete and submit our on-line license application (you may do so on-line using our “apply for a license” icon or print it out and fax or mail it) which asks for the following information:

  • The account number, name, address, phone and fax numbers of your organization; the contact person’s name and email address to whom all correspondence should be forwarded; and the delivery address to which all materials should be shipped.
  • The title of the musical(s) you wish to present.
  • The scheduled opening and closing dates, the total number of performances scheduled, and the number of performances in each month of your run.
  • The name and address of the venue in which the musical will be presented. The seating capacity and the average attendance at each performance.
  • The top and lowest ticket prices being charged for the production.

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