Which Way to the Stage

The years is 2015 and Jeff and Judy are right where they’re supposed to be: waiting outside the stage door of the Broadway musical If/Then hoping to meet their idol. But the conversation they have while they wait will change the course of their decades long friendship forever. A playful yet profound comedy about friendship, […]

Dido of Idaho

Nora, a lovelorn musicologist with a drinking problem, schemes to steal the husband of a former Miss Idaho (runner-up). When the extramarital hijinks go brutally awry, Nora flees to the Rocky Mountains, tracks down her estranged mother’s partner, and weasels her way into their wholesome domestic existence. But in her bid for help, Nora risks […]

Singles In Agriculture

Trying her luck at an annual dating convention for farmers, a South Carolina army widow who loves Modern Family and talks to her goats angles for romance with an Oklahoma fundamentalist. Over the course of an evening, as she tests his convictions and pries into his darkest secrets, both characters must confront the painful reasons […]

Yes, Virginia

The story of two older women navigating the perils of aging in suburban Detroit. Virginia Campbell was a longtime housekeeper for Denise Miller and her family, helping Denise raise her children during a difficult divorce. But when she shows up for work, Denise is very confused. Especially since she thought she had let her go […]

The Wooden Heart

Mitch wants to be a carpenter. Heather wants to be a woodcarver. The wolf wants to be an intellectual. Ruby wants to escape the wolf. The woodcutter wants to escape the narrator. A fable-inspired play about love and wood and finding your purpose.

The Magician’s Daughter

The magician Prospero and his daughter Miranda dazzle their audiences until the day Miranda quits. This funny, bittersweet play dives deep into the ups and downs of a father-daughter relationship. Viewer discretion advised if you have a father or a daughter (or know anyone who does).

The Salonnières

In pre-Revolutionary Paris, a young girl fresh from the convent is promised in marriage to an older nobleman to pay off her father’s debts. She flees to the literary salon of her late mother’s friends, aristocratic women who conceal radical politics within reinvented folk tales. But which of them is her fairy godmother, and which […]

Sagittarius Ponderosa

Archer (still Angela to his family) doesn’t want to move back to his childhood home in eastern Oregon when his father falls ill. But at night under the oldest Ponderosa Pine, he meets a stranger who knows the history of the forests and the sadness of losing endangered things. As Archer accepts big changes in […]

Lot’s Wife

When struggling actor Tom Braddle discovers that his former fiancé has written a new play with a part for him, his hopes for reuniting are dashed by a realization that the play is all too autobiographical. Did Adam have a hand in the tragic death of his wife and child? A dizzying constellation of competing […]

Off Peak

When two old flames run into each other on the evening commute, different views of the same past threaten to derail their connection. A new play about forgiving, forgetting, and the healing power of a good delay.