Grease is OUR Word!

Spiegel’s  *Spiel

Blog Along with Steve Spiegel, President & CEO

I’m tremendously pleased to announce TRW’s representation of the world’s most popular musical, GREASE. Excluding the United States and Canada, we’re proud to add GREASE to our Broadway Blockbusters titles of SPAMALOT, CURTAINS, ALL SHOOK UP, RING OF FIRE and THE COLOR PURPLE. In association with our global sub-agents, GREASE is now available for English and local language productions in all other territories.


Along with our ground breaking initiatives and heralded customer service policies including, PerusalsNOW™ and brand new materials with every license, we look forward to having GREASE enjoy many rewarding years in our catalogue. Just visit the GREASE page of our website to apply for rights.

Of course, your first question will be “What role did Steve play in his community theatre production of GREASE?” None, I was in the band. Lead guitar, naturally. I loved playing the amazing rock score and those months of rehearsing and then performing GREASE was a joyful, memorable experience for me and all involved. So yes, I was a “greaser.”

-Steve Spiegel, President & CEO of Theatrical Rights Worldwide

*Spiel (speel, shpeel) Informal n. A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade. intr. & tr. v. spieled, spiel·ing, spiels
To talk or say something at length or extravagantly.