L.A. PINK Premiere Does Beaucoup Box: Sold-Out in Santa Monica!


PINKALICIOUS THE MUSICAL, the marvelously melodic stage adaptation of Victoria and Elizabeth Kann’s original Pinkalicious children’s book, is opening in theaters worldwide as arts organizations  increasingly embrace the growing Theatre for Young Audiences market. In fact, many theatre groups are finding that they can play great new musicals like PINKALICIOUS on weekend mornings during the school year and weekdays during the summer and school vacation weeks, concurrent with other main stage runs. Shows like PINKALICIOUS, NO DOGS ALLOWED, THEY CHOSE ME, and of course the amazing NICKELODEON LIVE ON STAGE COLLECTION, exclusively from TRW, can help turn your one-show space into a multi-performance venue that offers new ticket sales opportunities to a growing market!

A great example of this dual-use of a theater, the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica, California  is maximizing use of their performance space as they present PINKALICIOUS THE MUSICAL for three weekends, Saturdays and Sundays at 11am, while also producing a play, Caught in the Net, by Ray Cooney, on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon. The potential for crossover customers in this model is enormous, as evidenced by brisk ticket sales for both events, especially PINKALICIOUS which, according to the Santa Monica Mirror, was sold out for every performance a week in advance of its Feb. 5 opening, the largest pre-sale in the history of the local theatre! Two more performances were promptly added and immediately sold out. PINKALICIOUS enjoys similar success stories worldwide.


Zoe D'Andrea, as Pinkalicious, eats one too many cupcakes in "Pinkalicious: The Musical," now playing at the Morgan-Wixson.

No doubt, the chief reason for the sold-out run is the reputation for consistently high quality productions enjoyed by the Y.E.S. (Youth Education/Entertainment Series) wing of the Morgan-Wixson Theatre, which is home to the Santa Monica Theatre Guild, a Los Angeles Arts presenter since 1946. The Santa Monica Mirror’s review was positively glowing, with nothing but praise for the production. “The Morgan-Wixson audience loved the show, giving loud ovations to the dance numbers choreographed cleverly by Jonathon Saia, laughing at the jokes, and even giving cast members some advice (“The cupcakes are up there on top of the refrigerator!”), wrote reviewer Lynne Bronstein.

As evidenced by the huge popularity of this production, and many others, more and more parents are finding that as the digitization of every day life rapidly accelerates, experiencing live theatre, as a family, is an invaluable way to spend much needed analog time together. Shows like PINKALICIOUS are part of a new wave of hip, funny and timely new TYA musicals based on popular kids brands that are bringing a new generation of families to the theatre.

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