LAWNCHAIR MAN takes flight at MHS!

Clackamas Review in Clackamas, Oregon, has written a great feature article on the Nov. 17, 18 and 19 performances of Milwaukie High School’s production of FLIGHT OF THE LAWNCHAIR MAN. Click HERE to read the article!

FLIGHT OF THE LAWNCHAIR MAN centers around Jerry Gorman. He’s a thirty-four-year-old guy from Passaic, New Jersey, who just got promoted to Snack Bar Manager at Wal-Mart. His mother is thrilled, but Jerry is depressed. Deep inside, he knows he was born to achieve something extraordinary. But what? With the help of his girlfriend, Gracie, and a movie rental from Netflix, Jerry has an epiphany: He wants to fly! But how? He’s not very bright, not very rich, and not very cool, unlike his neighbor, airplane pilot Big Jack Preston. Plus, Jerry is so dyslexic he can’t even drive a car. The neighbors think he’s nuts. But Gracie encourages Jerry to quit his job and follow his “Jerriosity.” Together, Jerry and Gracie try flight school, the Up With People Space Program, and anything else they can think of to help Jerry soar into the stratosphere. But they are stymied by bureaucracy, Jerry’s disapproving mother, and deep, dark family secrets. Finally, when all seems lost, Jerry and Gracie hit on a highly unorthodox method of getting airborne. With a little help from a lawnchair and 400 helium-filled toy balloons, Jerry defies the odds and takes to the friendly skies.

Josh White prepares to take flight as the title character in Milwaukie High School’s production of “Flight of the Lawnchair Man.” Looking on are Amanda Swift as Mother Gorman and Hannah Sanchez as Gracie.

Once aloft, Jerry is thrilled by the splendor of flight. But his reverie is quickly halted when Big Jack flies by in a jumbo jet, spots Jerry in his floating lawnchair, and reports Jerry to Homeland Security.Meanwhile, Gracie is on the ground with a walkie-talkie fending off the media and an FAA Agent, who charges Jerry with piloting an unlicensed lawnchair and demands he land immediately. Oblivious to the commotion on the ground, Jerry rises higher into the glorious atmosphere, where he discovers Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Lindbergh, and Amelia Earhart, who urge him to join the greats of aviation in the sky. In the end, Jerry has a decision to make: come back down to earth, or fly forever where the air is free.

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