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Stan Zimmerman (The Golden Girls, Roseanne, Gilmore Girls) brings to life the last words written in letters by individuals lost to suicide — including celebrities, veterans, kids that were bullied, LGBTQ, and the clinically depressed — and those who have survived suicide attempts. Since its acclaimed first performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2015, […]


The story of growing up as the only son of Benjmain Franklin: the greatest scientific mind in the world, inventor of the lightning rod and the urinary catheter and the glass harmonica and bifocal glasses and, oh yeah, in his spare time the United States of America.


WINNER of the 2021 Tennessee Williams One Act Play Contest In the near future, a robot named Laura has joined a high school to see if it can learn as humans do. Two girls, Ruth and Teri, decide that the superiority of computers would make Laura the perfect class president. When Laura helps Madison, the […]

Buddy Bro Bubba Dude: Men in Twisted Shorts

Men in twisted shorts! This roller-coaster ride of hilarious short plays is all about, and starring only, men! In these absurdly funny tales, you’ll meet men who are confident, men who are brave, and men who are as useless as the “g” in “lasagna.” There’s Wade, who, after badgering his widowed father to start dating […]

Bina’s Six Apples

Bina’s family grows the finest apples in all of Korea. But when war forces her to flee her home, Bina is alone in the world with just six precious apples to her name. Can these meager possessions help her find her family? Join Bina on her spirited journey that ranges from the heartbreaking to the […]

Carmela Full of Wishes

It’s Carmela’s birthday, and she’s finally old enough to accompany her big brother on his errands. On their way to the laundromat, past fields of what her Mamí calls “flores de cempazuchitl”, Carmela finds a puffy white dandelion to blow, but her brother asks “Did you even make a wish?” The Newbery award-winning team behind […]


#Your #parents #definitely #know #everything #about #social #media. This inclusive 10-minute play can be cast with between 2 and 25 performers. Smaller Cast Versions are included in this script.

Material Girls

Some girls got it and some girls don’t. Materialism that is. They’re the fashionistas, the influencers, the girls who worship at the altar of the Kardashians. The girls who think they have everything they need to succeed in life – but do they? As Tiffany and her material girl – and guy – friends get […]