LOVE COMICS: A HIPSTER’S RETRO DREAM…Author Sarah Schlesinger Tells ALL!

Stop the presses! Help is on the way for the lovelorn! Here at last is an operator’s manual for getting love right. LOVE COMICS, a heart-stopping and affectionate tribute to the classic romance comic books of the 1940’s and ’50’s, is a whirlwind course in the hard won lessons of love.

In the 1950s, painter Roy Lichtenstein popularized the images of love cartoons, making romance comic books the most successful category of that era. Lyricist and co-bookwriter Sarah Schlesinger found her inspiration for bringing to life these celebrated comics in a second-hand bookstore. After reading the comics, Schlesinger recalls, “We became hooked on the idea of building a show around these comics that that were once avidly read and taken to heart by a large number of Eisenhower-era teenaged girls.”  This up-tempo musical comedy has a lively script which humorously vacillates between sincerity and camp. Schlesinger states, “We set out to re-imagine the spirit of the comic books on stage with the same sincerity and earnestness that characterized their readers while affectionately spoofing the twisted wishful thinking their creators presented as reality.”

Camden High School's LOVE COMICS, Camden, GA

LOVE COMICS follows the trials and tribulations of four American teens, Andrea, Felice, Troy, and Kyle, as they try to find love despite their significant character flaws. This hilariously upbeat musical induces nostalgia for a different time in American culture. Says Schesinger, “Our goal was to reproduce a vintage romance comic where infatuations could spring up instantly and the right words from an advice columnist could conquer any crisis.”

LOVE COMICS features music by David Evans, who also co-wrote the book with Schlesinger. For information on licensing your production of LOVE COMICS, visit the show’s homepage at