NORA’S ARK Sets Sail from TRW!

NORA’S ARK, THE JAZZ MUSICAL is a modern retelling of the biblical tale. The show helps children reflect on the difficulty and necessity for breaking old habits, attaining new perspectives, and learning from mistakes by working together to succeed. The music is blues, bebop, and swing. Children discover a love of jazz music through the context of the story both as performers and as audience members. NORA’S ARK, THE JAZZ MUSICAL is a part of the Jazz Drama Program (see related story below).

The story centers around Nora, a scientist, who predicts the melting of the poles and the flooding of the Earth. Rescuing the animals at the Bronx Zoo, Nora and her daughters, Dora, Flora, Lora and Fitzi rent a cruise ship. It seems all are saved, except that daughter Fitzi forgets to bring food. Predators look on their fellow passengers as prey. All animals discover that freedom is a greater sustaining force than food and all ultimately cooperate in finding an…edible solution!

Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences' 2010 Production of NORA'S ARK

The Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences staged NORA in January of 2010. 80 kids were cast in the production from age 3 through 6th graders! Almost four hundred attendees enjoyed the production, which musically examines a series of issues in a very cool way. School Principal Rayna Dineen said, “The play’s story line led to a range of curricular tie-ins, including global warming and pollution, animal survival, animal habitats, endangered species, predator and prey, nautical terms and ship lore to name a few. The music was powerful and catchy and introduced many of our students to the joys of jazz. We had a few students who were sure that they didn’t like jazz before we began rehearsals and after a couple of weeks, they had actually become fans of jazz! The kids continued to sing the songs in class long after the play was finished.”

NORA’S ARK, THE JAZZ MUSICAL is the elementary and middle school show that teachers everywhere have been waiting for! With 40+ speaking roles, NORA is just the right vehicle for showcasing your class through an unforgettable musical-drama experience that will captivate families and classmates alike. The Jazz Drama Program’s NORA’S ARK, THE JAZZ MUSICAL comes with a beautifully produced guide vocal and performance CD that help teach and rehearse the show with kid’s of any level of experience. And, you needn’t be an expert on Jazz to direct NORA’S ARK! A love for music and a joy for working with young people are all that’s required!

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