Review Roundup

Ravenswood Man Finds Way to Explore, Show Love in ‘All Shook Up’
By Kelly Bauer | June 29, 2015 5:59am

CHICAGO — Patrick Tierney sees a chance to teach audience members about love and how it knows no boundaries through his role in upcoming musical “All Shook Up.”

“All Shook Up” is “lighthearted, essentially a comedy,” with four or five storylines about love, Tierney said. The musical features hits from Elvis Presley.

Tierney, a West Lawn native who now lives in Ravenswood, plays Dean Hyde, a young man who lives under the thumb of his mom in the Midwest during the ’50s.

Dean finds love with Lorraine, but his mother plans to send him away to military school. Dean and Lorraine also face controversy since they are an interracial couple.

But love is “not about the color of your skin; it’s about the person you are,” Tierney said. “Some people can learn some things from this silly 1950s musical.” [MORE]

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Bravo to the Valley Players for The Addams Family
By Carol Skewes | June 29, 2015 6:16 pm

The Valley Players presentation of The Addams Family finished Sun., June 28 to a full house inside the Humphreys Burson Theatre.

Based on a book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, and characters created by Charles Addams, the Valley Players rendition was directed superbly by Jerre’ Delaney.

The ghoulish costumes of ancestors: Deiondra Ceasar, Lauren Hard, Reagan Mayor Riley Mayo, Steven Pinkard, Terri Searls, Paul Stafford, Rowdy Williamson and Randi Wilson painted a contrasting backdrop for the colorful main actors to flow through their scenes. [MORE]

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‘Bare: A Pop Musical’ Talkback Sparks Positivity And Diversity
By Bradley Hartsell | June 28, 2015

Newnan Theatre Company wraps up “Bare: A Pop Opera” today following a two-weekend run, but the local performing arts group hopes the conversation spawned from the thought-provoking production will continue.

Following opening night on June 18, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation hosted a talkback session with the musical’s cast and crew and with the audience members who chose to remain following the performance. In “bare,” youth struggle with sexuality against the church’s conventions.

GLAAD Director of Programs Ross Murray and YouTube personality Raymond Braun joined the production’s artistic director, Paul Conroy, and his young actors to lead discussions on raising awareness and acceptance for the LGBT community, which is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. [MORE]

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