Miss Nelson Is Missing! Younger@Part®

Miss Nelson Is Missing! Younger@Part®

Miss Nelson Is Missing! Younger@Part® is the authorized 35-40 minute edition of the TYA musical for elementary schools, and youth theatres (grades 2 – 5). Through a series of workshops with industry professionals and actual kids, the Younger@Part® musicals are tailor-made for younger actors. Song keys are changed where needed, songs and scenes are edited for time and content, while keeping the spirit of the original show intact. There are great parts for girls, boys and can feature any size ensemble/chorus, who are featured throughout the show.

Each Younger@Part® title comes complete with Performance Tracks, Guide Vocal Tracks, Director’s Guide, 30 Student Scripts and more with an affordable Performance License package.

Miss Nelson’s class is the worst behaved in the whole school. Spitballs flying across the room, paper airplanes sailing every which way and uncontrollable children send the gentle, long-suffering teacher, Miss Nelson, over the edge. But the students of Room 207 are in for a surprise when Miss Nelson turns up missing and is replaced by Viola Swamp, a scary substitute teacher who assigns homework from hell and wields her ruler like a sword! In desperation, the students set out to find their beloved Miss Nelson … but will they ever get her back?  Lessons of appreciation and respect.



Book, Music & Lyrics by JOAN CUSHING

Based on the book “Miss Nelson is Missing” and “Miss Nelson is Back” by HARRY ALLARD

Illustrated by JAMES MARSHALL

Younger@Part® Edition Adapted by Tessa Farr


Twenty kids, plus MISS NELSON/VIOLA SWAMP (who is best played by an adult)


MISS NELSON / VIOLA SWAMP (played by the same actor) – could be played by an adult or an older child who can help to keep the pace of the dialogue moving; could be played by a woman or a man in drag; all musical lines (there aren’t many) can be spoken if necessary

  • MISS NELSON – sweet; kind; pretty; wears long flowy dresses in pastel colors (this long skirt will be used to hide the VIOLA SWAMP tights underneath)
  • VIOLA SWAMP – mean; scary; ugly; wears yellow and green striped tights with a black dress and at least one removable accessory (pointed glasses, prosthetic nose, etc.)

5 JANITORS (no singing required) – the narrators; wear coveralls; can be played by boys or girls (if necessary, switch JOHNNY to JILLY and/or switch MURRAY to MILLY)

  •     POP HANSON – makes a popping sound when he says his name
  •     PENNY WHISTLER – whistles when her name is said
  •     JOHNNY BONES – does a hand-jive when his name is said
  •    MURRAY SNAPSBERG (“SNAPPY”) – snaps when his name is said
  •     BUD – no sound effect

2 DETECTIVES (no singing required) – bumbling; clumsy; inept detectives; can be played by boys or girls; dress like Sherlock Holmes – signature hats and capes, handle-bar mustaches, pipes, large magnifying glasses

  •     DETECTIVE MCSMOGG – takes the lead
  •     DETECTIVE McSMOOG – the sidekick

MR. BLANDSWORTH (no singing required)  the boring Principal; wears a pastel shirt, a funny tie/bowtie, and nerdy glasses; can be played by a boy or a girl (switch to MRS if necessary)

12 STUDENTS – can be cast gender-blind; all go by their own names (or a name they choose); wear pastels, as in the original book

Accompaniment CD

Piano-Vocal Score