Spiegel’s Spiel, April 2010

Spiegel’s  *Spiel

Blog Along with Steve Spiegel, President & CEO

I’ve just returned from my energizing, wonderful and successful trip to New Zealand and Australia. As we talked about in my first blog post, I attended the 50th anniversary conference of Musical Theatre New Zealand where over 350 artistic and managing directors representing 80 societies came to Auckland for three days of meetings, workshops and events. The goal of Musical Theatre NZ is to foster and encourage the development of, and commitment to, the highest standards by community theatres, including standards of excellence for production, health and safety, management, governance, community relations and service. Throughout the conference the importance of, and belief in, this mission statement was brilliantly carried out and demonstrated by everyone. It was a uniquely supportive, collegial and pro-active event with amazingly talented leaders gathered to promote and advance musical theatre presentation and participation. I made many friends and learned so much about musical theatre in New Zealand. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to run two workshops (Marketing and Copyright), meet with the consortium of large producers and deliver the keynote speech.  (Click here for the full text of Steve’s Keynote Address.)

Prior to the start of the conference, along with Kim Ransley from Origin Theatricals, who runs TRW’s catalogue in the territory, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for Radio New Zealand National Arts Sunday radio show, which was a fabulous experience. (Click here to hear the Radio New Zealand interview.)

So, now I’m back from traveling around the world and I’m eager to hear from you about good news (or not good news) involving your theatre’s activities.

-Steve Spiegel, President & CEO of Theatrical Rights Worldwide

*Spiel (speel, shpeel) Informal n. A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade. intr. & tr. v. spieled, spiel·ing, spiels
To talk or say something at length or extravagantly.