Stage Door Productions CINDERELLA November 9-10-11!

Stage Door Productions in Fredericksburg, VA, is currently in its 14th season. They are a local, non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote theatre through performance, education and outreach.

Kids on Stage is the children’s division of Stage Door Productions. Kids on Stage is dedicated to developing life skills in children through affordable theatre experiences that educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of those on the stage and in the audience.

Their goals include:
-providing hands-on affordable educational theatre experiences to children in their community
-fostering teamwork, commitment, self-esteem, and creativity among participating children
-inspiring an appreciation of the arts while developing leadership qualities and self confidence in children
-bringing cultural enrichment to children and adults by performing throughout the community

TRW is thrilled that Stage Door Productions has chose our CINDERELLA for their Kids on Stage program!

We all know thee tale of Cinderella…but TRW’s CINDERELLA is a magically updated masterpiece of thoughtful Theatre for Young Audiences programming. In this spiffy Cinderella,  romantically-challenged Prince Freddy, having just received his Doctor of Philosophy, has returned to his home kingdom and is being pressured by his all-business father, King Frederick, to quickly choose a bride at the upcoming royal ball. Domineering Brunhilda and greedy daughters, Clarissa and Priscilla, are excited to go to the ball but smart and modern stepdaughter Cinderella would rather stay home and read with her animal friends Aristotle the Crow, Plato the Toad, and Socrates the Spider. Magical Gwendolyn the Well-Wisher appears and urges Cinderella to go to the ball. Stubborn Cinderella finally agrees to go… provided she doesn’t have to wear any stupid glass slippers.

At the ball, Cinderella and Prince Freddy dance and fall in love, but the ball erupts into chaos at midnight with every girl losing a glass slipper; Cinderella loses her red sneaker. Prince Freddy tours the countryside with his trusty friend, Gaston to reunite the sneaker with its rightful owner. Brunhilda, Clarissa and Priscilla throw obstacles in the would-be princess’ way, but Cinderella and Freddy find each other by learning that appearances aren’t important and it’s better to trust your heart.

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