The Page to Stage Process: CHANGING MINDS in Development

The process of giving birth to a new musical is a lesson in collaboration, caring and crazy amounts of hard work! But, when a first staged production of your baby gets notices like this…

“CHANGING MINDS (is) a rock musical that addresses high school politics, human connections and gender roles, all while maintaining the family friendly atmosphere…” and this… “In many ways this is a perfect school musical…” and even more critical praise: “All in all, there are 13 real roles that get to sing – aspiring young actors across America, say hallelujah!” …then you know you’ve got something! The first workshop production at The Actor’s Cabaret of Eugene, Oregon, earned these rave reviews from theatre critic Anna Grace, writing for Eugene Weekly. Hi praise indeed for the new musical that is currently being released for theatre groups around the nation to produce.

It is not uncommon for musicals to languish for YEARS before they see a first production or even a staged reading. In stark contrast, CHANGING MINDS is catching on quickly as news of this brilliant new show hits the theatre community. After the first workshop production at the Actor’s Cabaret, TRW’s President & CEO Steve Spiegel, the show’s Executive Producer decided to take the show to its logical next step: The American High School! And what better high school theatre director to take on the premiere of this hot new show than the legendary Frank Bluestein at the Germantown, Tennessee High School’s Poplar Pike Playhouse? Once Bluestein agreed to mentor the show through a top-notch production, all the pieces quickly fell into place. The authors arrived in Memphis to work on the show throughout the rehearsal period and right up until opening night, making sure every note, lyric and line was right on the mark. Judging from the wildly enthusiastic reaction of the sell-out crowds so far…the writers-in-residence achieved everything they set out to do in the workshop to premiere production process.

The driving force of Executive Producer Steve Spiegel in the creation of CHANGING MINDS is an innovative new way to offer vital new shows to the high school and community theatre market. “We’ve attended scores of conferences, taken hundreds of phone calls and read thousands of emails from customers who asked for a show that offers a score that kids can really get into, a teen-friendly story that has a real ‘cool’ factor to it, and a lot of great character roles for a large ensemble that can really involve a big cast. That gave me the impetus to answer this call with the creation of CHANGING MINDS,” Spiegel said.

CHANGING MINDS is now fully available, completely unrestricted for productions anywhere in the world! To get started visit our PersualsNOW™ Store at by clicking HERE. You can download, read and listen to CHANGING MINDS instantly!

And, to get a taste of what CHANGING MINDS is all about in motion…click HERE to watch Germantown High School’s Promotional Video!