Theatre Geek Gift Guide

by Ryan Goodale

It’s alarming that Thanksgiving is merely a week away, but only because by the time you’ve started to digest your dinner, some of your family will be ready to set up shop outside a Best Buy and wait for the impending Black Friday stampede. I love a bargain as much as the next person, but I’m not going to get trampled to save some coin on a flat screen television. I much prefer the more humane (and much less physically taxing) Cyber Monday to begin the bulk of my holiday shopping.

So, hop online and get to gifting! We all know some people are easier to shop for than others. You’d think that theatre nerd in your life might be one of the easier buys of the season; grab a pair of show tickets and call it a day. Nope. Tickets to the hottest shows could wipe out your whole gift buying budget. Since the likelihood of scoring affordable golden tickets to join the revolution at the Richard Rodgers Theatre is slim, here’s a look at some theatre-y gift ideas that will ensure you’ll get the final bow of approval.


You could get the shirt from the last show you saw together, or order clothes from whatever musical currently has Susie mix-belting for her life in the car, but wouldn’t it be really cool to find something a little more unique? Our pals at Theatre Nerds and Etsy have some awesome fixes like these: The two chuckle-inducing tees may be found in the Theatre Nerds Swag Shop here, along with a ton of other goodies that would make excellent gifts! The all too true sweatshirt can be found here on the WaryaTshirts website!


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I love a good hardcover book. Coffee table, desk, bookshelf – I like the way it looks to have some books around. The majority of them live on my Kindle (yes, I still “use” my Kindle) but most of these awesome book finds are available digitally or hard copy. Jennifer Ashley Tepper’s The Untold Stories of Broadway is a multi-book series compiling various accounts of stories for every single Broadway theater. It’s a remarkable series and quite the informative read. You’ll find Vol. 1 here on Amazon and don’t forget to check out the other volumes as well! For those also interested in the creative process that brings a production to the Broadway stage, check out On Broadway: From Rent to Revolution by Drew Hodges, found here.

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Do you guys remember the first cast recording you owned or the first stage production you saw live? On television? Nothing brings back those golden memories like an audio or video recording. Here’s a few ideas: The six-part PBS series Broadway: The American Musical is a great way to brush up on your history of the American stage. The 3-disc set may be purchased here from Amazon. BroadwayHD is a streaming service with many full length stage shows that you can watch whenever you’d like! You may check out their website here.

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There are certainly all kinds of theatrical art out there to choose from, but if you’re looking for something a little more custom or just something a little more original, here are two of my favorites that would make a wonderful holiday gift for anyone. I already did a whole post about how I love Squigs Broadway Ink. You can easily get a print of your very own from any of the shows he’s created works for to add a little splash of color to any home or office. You may visit Squigs’ website here to see his stellar and ever-growing collection. The Art of Broadway Etsy shop features one of a kind, and customizable framed Playbill art. You can design your own using whatever shows you’d like or go with one of the pre-built options. Check out the  Etsy shop here, and get your very own conversation piece!

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