TRW on Careers for Theatre Majors


At TRW, we are committed to arts education. Through workshops at conferences and group visits in our office, we strive to be a resource for educators, directors and students in the theatre industry. On December 13th, we welcomed students and faculty from the theatre department at Appalachian State University, on their annual trip to NYC. Jim Hoare, TRW’s Vice President of Education and Community Initiatives, facilitated a discussion about performance and non-performance career paths available to theatre majors. Chief Creative Officer, Fred Stuart, and Director of Marketing, Glenn Halcomb, also joined the conversation, taking questions and offering advice to the students. 

We found the ASU theatre majors to be an enthusiastic,  inquisitive group. Jim lead a thought-provoking dialogue on the role of licensing companies in protecting the integrity of their authors’ work, especially in the internet age where unauthorized clips abound. Students left the workshop with new perspective on the meaning of “intellectual property.” Distinguished Professor Keith Martin commented, “Jim, you and your entire team rocked it yesterday; as one of my students said, ‘TRW is incredible!’ My musical theatre students were very, VERY impressed, and your encyclopedic knowledge of our beloved art form blew us all away.”

Jim Hoare has been involved in educational theatre for 40 years, traveling worldwide and presenting workshops to schools, universities and community theatre groups. His experience and knowledge cannot be matched and has been a valuable resource, shepherding TRW’s commitment to arts education and engagement since we opened our doors in 2006. If you are a theatre teacher or director and find yourself in New York City, with or without students, feel free to stop by our office. Contact Jim Hoare at to arrange your visit.