TRW Featured Title: John Kander’s New Show is “Haunting, startlingly original and deeply moving!” Now Available for Productions Worldwide

The Landing“ELEGANT AND POIGNANT! Fans of Mr. Kander will certainly appreciate hearing this old master elicit increasingly complex feelings from what at first feel like basic melodies. Greg Pierce, has infused his wispy bedtime stories for grown-ups with an autumnal sense of regret for lives lost and paths not taken. The deft cast artfully matches its surroundings… gentle, color-coded stylishness in sophisticated storybook shades of gray, blue and red. David Hyde Pierce is quietly terrific throughout!”   — Ben Brantley, The New York Times

John Kander’s acclaimed work throughout his vast career is in a class by itself. His canon of musicals is unparalleled in the genre. With THE VISIT now the toast of Broadway, this legendary master is still at the top of his game. His latest musical invention is now home at TRW.  THE LANDING is now available for productions worldwide. With writing partner Greg Pierce, Kander has once again created an exciting new musical that delivers a beautiful and haunting new show, consisting of three thematically-connected tales of desire, love and loss.

“ENCHANTING! THE LANDING KEEPS YOU ENTHRALLED. It is a lovely, quirky new musical theater work with a sparkling cast! Julia Murney brims with cheerful loopiness and Hyde Pierce radiates a comical menace. THE LANDING leaves you wanting more. Let’s hope Kander and Pierce have lots more like this ahead!” – Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

The Landing at The Vineyard“HAUNTING, STARTLINGLY ORIGINAL AND DEEPLY MOVING! Directed with a nimble hand and a full heart by Walter Bobbie. THE LANDING transports us and lifts our hearts. Young Frankie Seratch juggles Noah, Darius and Collin with impressive dexterity. Paul Anthony Stewart brings a robust sensitivity, then shows his deft lighter side.”- Elysa Gardner, USA Today

“THE AMERICAN MUSICAL HAS A BEGUILING, RISK-TAKING, NEW WRITING TEAM AT THE VINEYARD THEATRE THESE DAYS! Excellent actors! Kander’s music mixes his street-smart show-biz signature with yearning romantic ballads.” – Linda Winer, Newsday

“HEART-PIERCING. Under Walter Bobbie’s stylized direction and mounted on John Lee Beatty’s abstract sets gorgeously lighted by Ken Billington, the pieces in this minimalist show look unmoored from what we earthlings call reality. The conceptual treatment of longing and loneliness is imaginative and the four-piece ensemble is excellent.” – Marilyn Stasio, Variety

“HAUNTING AND UNFORGETTABLE!The Landing at The Vineyard Director Walter Bobbie leads this four-person cast to committed and boundlessly energetic performances. The Landing is an excellent production. Fascinating and heart-rending!” – Zachary Stewart, Theatermania

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Photos by Carol Rosegg, from the original production at The Vineyard Theatre