TRW’s PerusalsNOW™ Celebrates Two Years of Digital Leadership

Theatrical Rights Worldwide has always been a pioneer of innovative ideas for theatrical licensing that embrace the digital age. Two years ago, our launch of the industry’s first all-digital perusal service, PerusalsNOW™, gave our customers another TRW Advantage. Any of our 40+ titles can be downloaded and perused INSTANTLY…right from your computer. Instead of paying hefty shipping and materials fees, you can click and read for just a few bucks, while listening to free digital links to songs from your selected title. Musical Theatre and technology have never been better friends than they are as partners in PerusalsNOW™!

Since the launch of the licensing biz’s only digital E-Script service, PerusalsNOW™ has quickly become our customers number one preferred method of perusing scripts. If you haven’t tried PerusalsNOW™ yet, it’s time! To make sure you become an e-peruser, we’re offering TheatricalWrites readers 50% OFF any PerusalsNOW™ order! This is a one-time offer good now through December 31st, 2011. That’s right, a 50% OFF digital coupon is all yours, just by entering the code TRW2011 in the code box at checkout.

To take advantage of this great offer, click here to enter the PerusalsNOW™ store and get ready to sit down with a good book: A musical! As you read you’ll see live links to songs, simply click ’em and hear the score as you visualize your theatre organization delivering the cutting edge titles that are the hallmarks of TRW’s catalogue.

Visit the PerusalsNOW™ store and remember to use code TRW2011 to get 50% off your entire order!