Order Policies

Delivery Policy

Provided we have received a signed copy of the Production Terms Rider and the timely payment as called for on Part C, Section IV of the Production Terms Order Form, the performance materials will be shipped approximately three months prior to the first performance. Please allow approximately five days following our receipt of your signed Production Terms Rider and payment for the shipments of materials.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your entire performance, a cancellation fee (by way of liquidated damages and not as a penalty) of the minimum per-performance royalty stipulated in the Production Terms Rider plus VAT per performance cancelled, may apply and forfeiture of the authorised performance materials fees plus VAT may occur in the event that performance materials have been supplied whether in TRW Printed or Digital Format. TRW must be notified of any cancellations within seven (7) days of said cancellation. The fee for authorised performance materials is required, notwithstanding the non-use of said materials. Furthermore, you understand that, even if you do not present the Play, you could be obligated to pay the fees set forth in the License Agreement.