America in One Room

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90 minutes
4m, 5f
University, Community & Pro


When eight strangers receive an invitation to the America in One Room event in 2019, promising robust discussions on a wide range of social and political topics, sparks fly, tempers flare, and comedy abounds. At a time when everyone thinks they’re right, it will take more than political debate to find common ground. Inspired by the real-life convention of the same name, AMERICA IN ONE ROOM is a comedy-drama that tackles our nation’s past, present and future (and even employs a little audience participation) to answer the question: is there hope for our country?

Casting & Production



DIEGO: Latino man, early 20s, gay. A “DREAMer” whose parents immigrated from Mexico. Lives in Santa Ana, CA (outside Los Angeles). Student at Cal State, Fullerton studying Graphic Design. Has a semi-serious boyfriend. Has a healthy combo of optimism and cynicism.

FAITH: African-American woman, late 40s. Christian. Married with two young boys. Lives in a fancy suburb outside Atlanta, GA (Avondale Estates). A Human Resources advisor at Georgia-Pacific. Doesn’t like to ruffle feathers.

MIKE: White man, 60s. Married with three grown kids and two grandkids. Worked in auto manufacturing then at a meat processing plant before recently being laid off. Carries a lot of anger and resentment. Longs for a simpler time.

RANI: (“Rani” rhymes with “Johnny”) Indian-American woman, late 30s – early 40s. Married with a baby boy. Former lawyer, now a non-fiction author.

PEARL: White Jewish woman, 70s. Widowed. Two adult children and five grandchildren. Very opinionated. Retired housewife.

SHAWN: African-American man, late 30s. Retired Army Sergeant. Single. Lives in Colorado Springs, CO. Charming, amiable, an easy smiler. Uses a WHEELCHAIR.

KEVIN: Asian-American man, late 30s – early 40s. Works in finance, lives in Chicago, IL. Single. Big, brash, lights up the room.

LISA: Female, 30s. Any race. Single. The Moderator. A peppy, perfectionist. An optimistic “camp counselor.”

JESSICA: White Jewish woman, 50s. Divorced with two teenage girls.  A real estate agent. Considers herself a “woke” liberal. Pearl’s daughter.

VOICE OVER PA SYSTEM: an eager female volunteer from Dallas, TX making announcements.


A hotel conference room at a fancy resort outside of Dallas, Texas

The last weekend in September, 2019


“Successfully mixes comedy and drama to good effect. There are plenty of zingy one-liners, but you can also count on a few surprises along the way.”

– Sarasota Magazine

“Lifelike to the extreme! The best commentary on modern American political culture. A valuable snapshot of our current socio-political malaise and should make for good post-theater conversation.”

– The Bradenton Times

“Williams wisely focuses on the personal relationships [AND] the play gains its strength during breaks when the characters…connect over everyday things like parenting challenges or work. Williams doesn’t set out to change attitudes, but he does want you to think a little differently about people and what they may stand for.”

– Sarasota Herald-Tribune