Another America

3 actors


Inspired by the documentary film TRUE FANS by Dan Austin

A cross-country pilgrimage on bicycles from Venice, CA to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. ANOTHER AMERICA is a free-wheeling portrait of the country itself as well as a journey of self discovery for two brothers and their best friend.

Casting & Production


Casting Note from the author:
This play is a celebration of many things and chief among them is the audience’s imagination, with the three actors playing three guys, playing twenty-nine parts, of different genders and ethnicities, therefore the three actors themselves can be any of those things.

Character List (3 Actors)

DAN AUSTIN — late 20s / very early 30s. Also plays: GARTH SORRIN (a middle-aged business man), KATE (a woman in her early 30s), STEVE GREEN (a Las Vegas “player” in his 40s or 50s), JAMIE (a stubborn youth – 15 years old), JUTTA (a beautiful Swedish girl in her 20s), RANDY SMITH (a decent, if inarticulate, guy in his early 20s), BETSY KIRKWOOD (a smart woman in her late 20s/early 30s)

JARED AUSTIN — 3 years younger, wears glasses. Also plays: MILES EASTMAN (a slacker in his 20s) KLEM BAINES (a crusty coot in his 80s) CONSUELO DeCAPRIO (a cougar in her mid 50s)TIM MARTIN (a corporate vanilla guy in mid 30s) EMMA RUTHERFORD (a stubborn woman – 67 years old), SALLY MONTGOMERY (a frisky woman in her mid 40s), JERRY ELLISON (a regular guy in his mid 50s), GINA (a beautiful Swedish girl in her 20s), JERRY FRANKS (a good guy in his mid 40s), CARL WINCHESTER (a corporate drone in his early 50s), LEWIS CLARK (a business man in his early 40s)

CLINT EWELL — same age as or maybe one year older than DAN. Also plays: REV KAISER (a Black preacher in his mid 50s), CINDY BARKER (a dumb girl in Telechapi), MURIEL CASEY (a MILF in her late 20s), FELIX FERNANDEZ (a “player” in his late 30s, ), SAM BOLTON (a tough man in his early 60s), MICKEY FARROW (a Las Vegas “player” in his mid-30s), UNCLE LARRY (an off-kilter guy in his early 60s), SAM JENKINS (a crusty but warm guy in his 50s), CAMPBELL GILBERT (a rusty reformed hippie in his 50s/60s), DANNY MAXWELL (a precocious 10-year-old boy)

Time: Now (and Then)
Place: Here (and on the road from Venice, CA to Springfield, MA)
Act One: Before the Mississippi
Act Two: After the Mississippi


“A finely crafted life-affirming generously spirited play.”


“Vivid writing! Everything about “Another America” is eye-opening.”

—The Reviewer’s Hub

“An absolute masterpiece!”

—Fairy Powered Productions

“A play of considerable substance and nuance.”

—London Box Office