Berta, Berta

1f, 1m


After committing an unforgivable crime, Leroy is granted one final wish: a chance to make amends with his long-lost lover, Berta. Their reunion swells from a quarrelsome conjuring of the past to an impassioned plot to escape their impending fate.

Casting & Production


LEROY, African American, a smoldering wanderer

BERTA, African American, a young widow

Berta’s home in Meridian, Mississippi
May 1st, 1923. From 2 AM to sunrise

Production Notes

BERTA, BERTA received its world premiere at CATF in 2018, Ed Herendeen, Founder & Producing Director; Peggy McKowen, Associate Producing Director and sponsored by Lawrence Dean & Mina Goodrich, and received a virtual production by Everyman Theatre in May 2021. Vincent M. Lancisi, Founding Artistic Director; Marissa LaRose, Managing Director.

Upcoming Productions

Oct 1727, 2024
Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate NY
Albany, NY

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