Dracula a feminist revenge fantasy, really.

6f, 3m
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When your survival is at stake… will you be able to distinguish the monster from the man? Both terrifying and riotous, Kate Hamill’s imaginative, gender-bending “feminist revenge fantasy” is like no Dracula you’ve ever seen—exploring the nature of predators and reinventing the story as a smart, disquieting, darkly comic drama. Hamill’s signature style and postmodern wit upends this familiar tale of Victorian vampires—driving a stake through the heart of toxic masculinity.

Casting & Production


6 women, 3 men

DOCTOR VAN HELSING: 40s+. American. A female vampire hunter. She takes no crap from anybody. She is badass– and 19th century men do not, as a rule, appreciate it.

MINA HARKER: 20s-30s. Very smart. Caring. Loyal. Wants to do the right thing.

LUCY WESTENRA: 20s-30s Bright, funny, vivacious, playful, and mischievous.

MARILLA / as cast: 20s-30s. A vampire. More animal than human.

DRUSILLA / as cast: 20s-30s. A vampire. More animal than human.

MERCHANT – a merchant looking to make a sale.

RENFIELD: any age: a madwoman. Worships Dracula. Believes that if she can earn his approval, she will be free.

DRACULA / as cast (late 30s – late 50s.): A physically imposing man. He is…. extremely confident. Strong. Funny. Charming. Sexy. You’d like him, reader – no, really, you would.

JONATHAN HARKER (20s-40s): A nice man. A truly decent man. A lawyer; a man of letters; a slight man; a slightly fussy man. If being unkind, one could say he’s delicate.

DOCTOR GEORGE SEWARD: (30s – 40s): The head physician of a lunatic asylum.



– Ben Brantley, New York Times


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Playwright Accolades

Playwright of the Year, 2017 – Wall Street Journal

One of the most-produced playwrights in America for 3 seasons running (2017-2020); wrote 2 of the top 10 most-produced plays of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019


ISBN: 978-1-63852-139-6

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