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Maude, a lonely, surly, storefront psychic has accepted that love is not in the cards for her. She can see the future and knows this to be true. But when Jeremy, a despondent love-hungry accountant threatens to end it all if she sees no love for him, she must wrestle with fate, and in changing his destiny, change her own.

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MAUDE — A fortune teller from Brooklyn. She can see the future. She really can. She hates her life, she hates her job, but believes that she’s powerless to change it. She’s learned everything she knows of the world from her clients and from movies of the 40s, 50s, 60s. She dons a “fortune-teller’s voice” and costume when she working. The turban includes a veil that obscures her mouth and chin. She wears other disguises in the rare times she steps outside — no one ever sees her as she really is.

JEREMY — An accountant from Brooklyn Heights. Desperate for love, Jeremy drives everyone away. He’s remarkably naive and a very sweet and decent human being.

The action takes place in Maude’s parlor and on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

Some time ago


“FORTUNE carries all of the elements that Laufer’s expanding corps of devotees love her for: blunt, beautiful, funny dialogue; an empathic insight into the aches, conflicts and dreams that make us human; a knack for revealing the hidden significance of our most trivial and foolhardy impulses; and a bold, death-defying willingness to face the awful truth and still wrap things up on a note of sweetness and hope.”

—Metro Active Sonoma

“…What really drives this play home is its honesty. It’s a story about two people who carry virtual ‘no trespass’ signs around their personal lives yet yearn for one last chance at happiness.”

—Democrat & Chronicle