Dark Comedy - Fantasy
3f, 1m


Beauty never showed up. After centuries under the curse, the Beast and his remaining magical servant (a hopelessly optimistic lamp) move into a shabby Chicago apartment, hoping for a lower cost of living and better luck with girls. In the threatening, impossible, completely ordinary world of paying rent and taking public transportation, is a happy ending even possible? A romantic tragicomedy about facing the witch in your head, and finding the wish in your heart.

Casting & Production


Only: Female, intermediate age, spry. A lamp.

The Beast: Male, intermediate age. A beast, you know?

The Witch: Female, older, smooth motherly air.

Aiofe: Female, mid-twenties.

A low-rent apartment on the north side of Chicago. Nowhere else.

Upcoming Productions

Jan 10Feb 23, 2025
City Lit Theater
Chicago, IL

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