Good Hair

3f (doubling/tripling)


At a small Catholic school in 2017, Florence has just been banned from all school related activities thanks to her hair, and is forced to decide how she will make her stand. Inventor Annie Malone’s hair products at the turn of the 20th century revolutionized mobility for Black women, but her biggest supporter and critic, Sarah Breedlove, believes they are only scratching the surface of success. In a fantasy universe, a struggling leader decides to make a deal with a demon to battle against a foe that she will never be able to tame—western beauty standards.

Told through three entangled timelines, Good Hair weaves together the lives of women and the central question: Does the cost of beauty outweigh the proof of science?

Casting & Production



Florence Brown/ Annie Monroe/ Brahma Black Woman. 20s.

Isha Chinnapin/ Barthi Kholi/ Pooja South Asian Woman. 20s.

Dr. May Carter/ Sarah Breedlove/ Riya Black Woman. 30s.

Production Notes

Commissioned by the Ensemble Studio Theater/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant

Developed with Pipeline Theater Company PlayLab