H*tler’s Tasters

Dark Comedy


Three times a day, every day, a group of young women have the opportunity to die for their country. They are Adolf Hitler’s food tasters. And what do girls discuss as they wait to see if they will live through another meal? Like all girls, throughout time, they gossip and dream, they question and dance. They want to love, laugh, and above all, they want to survive.

Casting & Production


Hilda: High teens to early 20’s. Blonde. Hilda is a rule follower. She is a fearful person who will use whatever she’s got to get back to feeling safe and will always toe the party line. She comes from a military family and enjoys the privilege of that status.

Liesel: High teens to early 20’s. Liesel is a mediator. She is not a particularly independent person but she is practical and mostly kind. She likely comes from a family of intellectuals who know right from wrong but who prefer to keep their heads down rather than agitate. She is a little nerdy to contrast with her burgeoning sexuality.

Anna: High teens. She could have dark hair, but not ethnically dark. She is more ethereal, idealistic and innocent than the other girls. Anna represents truth and doubt, which terrifies those who can’t live with truth and doubt.

Margot: High teens, early 20’s. She is a little more brave than the other girls when it comes to acting out and expressing herself. She embodies the kind of innocence and ebullience that comes from blindly supportive parents and privilege.

Extra Girl: Can be played by an understudy or possibly the girl who played Anna–as long as she is not recognizable as Anna.