One Act
Drama, Short Play
3f, 2m or 5f, 3m


The fifth-grade talent show is approaching, and everyone at Baldwin Elementary is abuzz. Winston wants to win the show with his cheerleading routine and prove he’s more than the awful nickname everyone calls him: Fishboy. Introverted artist Gina wants nothing to do with the show, and she knows the overzealous (and unpleasant) twins, Randy, and Brandy, will probably win anyway. But with the persistence of Elliott, the school’s new kid and resident rebel, these unlikely friends form “Hoopla,” a dazzling hula hooping trio and help each other navigate the pressures of being a kid.

Casting & Production



GINA — 11, Black

ELLIOTT — 11, White

WINSTON — 10, Latino, Asian, or White

ACTOR #1 — plays BIG WIN, 40ish; RANDY, 11

ACTOR #2 — plays BRANDY, 11; ELLEN, 30ish; SYLVIE, 30ish

All are great with movement, particularly the hula hoop.

Please note the play can be done with five actors playing multiple roles as indicated above or performed with eight actors playing each specific role.

Various settings — school, homes, street.
Set is minimal and places are suggested instead of literal so that action remains fluid.


“The kids absolutely LOVED the show. I thought it tackled some serious stuff, and did it very well. Thank you!”

—Principal, Birney Elementary

“AMAZING performance! I love how it was so relevant to our students and had important messages and themes embedded. Thank you!”

—Principal, Tierrasanta Elementary

“This was absolutely BRILLIANT. The kids talked about it for days, and it inspired them to think about so many things, including our own talent show!”

—Teacher, Francis Parker School

“The kids LOVED the show and I was happy that the kids were encouraged to react and share their feelings during the show.”

— Head of Lower School, Francis Parker School