Journey to the Poles of Inaccessibility

5-15 Actors


Dylan is comfortable with his insular life, working at an insurance company and living with his wheelchair-bound aunt. Then he meets Chris, a young woman of boundless energy, on a quest to gather what magic may remain at the eight Poles of Inaccessibility, the world’s most remote places. Dylan and Chris circle the globe on an epic journey of discovery, comedy, danger, and romance.

Casting & Production


CHARACTERS (5-15 Actors)

MOM — Dylan’s mother

DAD — Dylan’s father

DYLAN — Our hero

AUNT PAT — Dylan’s partially paralyzed aunt

JO — Dylan’s co-worker

CHRIS — Our heroine

JIMI — A Native American police officer

SASHA — The captain of a Russian icebreaker

MISHA — The first mate on the icebreaker

WEI — An Asian waiter in a soup shop in western China

RENE — An African hotel concierge in the Central African Republic

AVERY — Owns a car rental agency in Australia

ALEX — A young woman

AN OLD SPANISH EXPLORER** — An old Spanish explorer

AN OLD RUSSIAN LEADER** — An old Russian leader

DOCK WORKER — A Spanish-speaking worker in South America


“Pospisil’s work advocates for the human spirit of exploration and the unbreakable bonds that form in the face of adversity. It celebrates the resilience of individuals and the indomitable quest for discovery.”

—The Pitch