Lot’s Wife

2f, 2m


When struggling actor Tom Braddle discovers that his former fiancé has written a new play with a part for him, his hopes for reuniting are dashed by a realization that the play is all too autobiographical. Did Adam have a hand in the tragic death of his wife and child? A dizzying constellation of competing stories and interests swirl around the company and then – Adam disappears on opening night. A thriller, a comedy, a drama – a meditation on the impulse to make sense of tragedy in our lives through the theater.

Casting & Production



4 Actors play the following roles:

ADAM MACE: A playwright, late 30s; intense, enigmatic, brooding in a way that makes theater people love him. The actor also plays:

ANDREW: Adam’s fictional self in the play he has written.

ACTOR: The actor that plays Andrew, while in rehearsals.

THALIA SWIFT: His lifelong friend and muse, an actress, funny, sharp tongued, a downtown star. The actor also plays:

TABITHA: her alter-ego in Adam’s play.

ASHLEY STONE: an actor, just out of grad school, perhaps a bit dim.

TOM BRADDLE: An actor, Adam’s former partner, somewhat younger than Adam. Bitter and very hurt, understandably. The actor also plays:

THOMAS, the villain of Adam’s play

JOAN KAY: The artistic director of the theater and director of LOT’S WIFE. She’s a tiger, ambitious, funny, powerful, and desperate for a win.


CAROL: The stage manager. She is running rehearsals and could be calling cues from a tech table in the house, or (highly preferred) be the actual stage manager.

SHEILA: Recorded voiceover, Tom’s agent

A large city with a thriving theater community – in this case, New York, present day. That same city in an imagined, noirish version in the 1930s. The Mace family’s elegant Upper West Side apartment. A large non-profit theater that is producing a new play called Lot’s Wife. Memory.