Selling Kabul

2f, 2m


Taroon once served as an interpreter for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Now it is 2013, and the Americans — and their promises of safety — have begun to withdraw. Taroon spends his days in hiding, a target of the increasingly powerful Taliban. On the eve of his son’s birth, he must remain in his sister’s apartment, or risk his life to see his child. With shattering precision, Sylvia Khoury’s tense drama traces the human cost of U.S. immigration policy and the legacy of our longest war.

Casting & Production



TAROON, early 30s, an Afghan man who worked as an interpreter for the American military.

AFIYA, early 30s, his sister, a seamstress.

LEYLA, early 30s, Afiya’s neighbor and childhood friend.

JAWID, late 30s, Afiya’s husband, a tailor.

Kabul, April 2013. The United States has begun a major withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. SELLING KABUL takes place in a small apartment in Kabul, Afghanistan.