Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear

2f, 4m


The notorious and as-yet undiscovered genius, Vincent Van Gogh, presents Sherlock Holmes with a most unusual case. Aided by his partner Dr. Watson and his paramour Irene Adler, the trio embark on a rousing adventure and find themselves confronting the evil daughter of Professor Moriarty. With a helping hand from Oscar Wilde, the world’s greatest detective attempts to solve one of the most audacious crimes of the Victorian era and uncover a Post-Impressionist conspiracy.

Casting & Production



SHERLOCK HOLMES: Upper-class Oxford/Cambridge English accent.

JOHN WATSON: English accent, perhaps with a slight Scottish brogue thrown in, as he received his Bachelor of Medicine degree from Edinburgh University.

IRENE ADLER: Upper-class American accent, as she is an opera singer who was born in New Jersey.

VINCENT VAN GOGH: Dutch accent.

MARIE CHARTIER: French accent.

OSCAR WILDE: An English society drawl, with only the hint of an Irish brogue, as Wilde had consciously made an effort to eradicate his Irish accent while he was a student at Oxford University.

The rooms of Sherlock Holmes—December 1888

Production Notes

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Fallen Soufflé is part of a trilogy of Sherlock Holmes plays, with each play intended to stand entirely on its own. Each play features the same four fictional characters (Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, and Marie Chartier), but two different historical characters. In terms of chronology, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear takes place in 1888, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Fallen Soufflé occurs in 1897, and Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine takes place in 1905.

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