Sing The Body Electric

3F, 2M


Jess is tanking in Physics, so her mom, Doris, hires Lloyd to help her pass. But she’d rather study his son, the survivor of a lightning strike that killed his girlfriend a year ago, and tattooed his body with elegant scars. When Lloyd and Doris hit it off, these two broken families are bound ever closer, inexorably—with explosive results. An intricate, atmospheric tale of love, sex, and the unseen forces that draw us together and drive us apart.

Casting & Production



JESS — She/her, 17.

DORIS — She/her, Jess’ mom, 40s.

BLAKE — He/him, 18.

LLOYD — He/him, Blake’s dad, 40s.

CLAIRE — She/her, 30s-40s.

Please consider all racial/ethnic combinations in casting actors, including mixed families.

South Florida, indoors and out.

The present. Late Spring.

The play runs approximately 90 minutes, and should be performed without intermission.


Hollinger’s greatest strengths [are] his ability to interweave comedy and pathos and his elegant craftsmanship…SING THE BODY ELECTRIC builds to a climax with increasingly brisk crosscutting vignettes, with hardly a wasted word and a cast that ably manages its emotional twists and leavening of humor.

—Philadelphia Inquirer

Hollinger’s ear for speech and easy humor is unerring—the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

—Philadelphia Magazine