The Burdens

Dark Comedy
1f, 1m


Adult siblings Mordy and Jane have a problem. Their dreadful, centenarian grandfather is an emotional and financial tax on the family, and he just won’t die. Scheming almost entirely via text messages, the siblings hatch an outrageous plan to relieve themselves of their family’s burdens and their own.

Casting & Production


1W/1M (They’re siblings. They’re Jews. They don’t need to be white.)

Time: 2019

Place: New Jersey & California


“The play grabs you from the start and keeps you involved and surprised until a finale that is both surprising and welcome.”

-Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“A deliciously dark comedy! … A thoughtfully-reflective look at familial relationships that will surely resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and experiences.”

-Bradenton Times

“An up-to-the-minute play covering multi-generational themes with a wicked sense of humor.”

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Laugh out loud funny, but it’s also a little bit heartbreaking at times. That’s a challenging mix to sustain, but The Burdens succeeds.”

-Sarasota Magazine

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Mar 0809, 2025
County Players
Wappingers Falls, NY

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